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The shocking episode that sets up the season finale … – at The Rooftop Skypad Gym

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See “Galactic Blitz” in 1080p HD video at – at Hollywood Hills

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Source: E. W. Farnsworth’s Speculative Fiction Receives Honourable Mention

True history…

Thought Provoking Perspectives

220px-Bass_ReevesHistory and the authors of His-Story have differed dramatically throughout time to anything close to reality. In other words, His-Story is in most cases are pure fabrications and downright lies; particularly, movies “they” say tell the tale historically. I need not remind you but here are a few that are so obvious that anyone can see there is little truth contained in the story. For example, Cleopatra, Moses, the Ten Commandments, etc. Of course, they have an answer; they call it literary privilege.

One such story involves the real “Lone Ranger”! As it turns out, he was a black man named Bass Reeves, who the legend of a white man roaming the west on a white horse fighting crime was based upon. Perhaps not surprisingly, many aspects of Bass’ life were written out of the story, most notably his ethnicity. The basics remained the same: a lawman hunting bad guys…

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How I Lost An Agent.

How I Lost An Agent..

Independent Ethos

Her_poster_artWith Her, director Spike Jonze offers one of the strongest and most prescient films of his career. Using a delicate sense of humor and compassion, his fourth feature film ingeniously explores emotional territories perverted by the filter of technology to get to rather melancholy but profound truth. The film follows Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a recently separated man in a not too-distant but unspecified future who upgrades his operating system on his computer, which takes care of his calendar and runs his home by peeking into his emails and files on his hard drive or cloud. The OS happens to be gifted with the sound of a pleasant, smoky-voiced woman (Scarlett Johansson), who calls herself Samantha. As they get to know each other, the flesh and blood man and the disembodied voice grow closer. Could this intimacy really be love or some deranged level of madness symptomatic of…

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Who Is Directing Your Movie?.