Author, Screenwriter, Producer

Julie 2.0

Action Thriller

I recall an interview where an actress said that there were no solid roles for a female lead.  I began to consider that thesis.  I remembered how Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio’s character opened the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as a strong woman with superior sword fighting skills. She even beat Robin Hood. Yet, by the end of the film, the character mysteriously became weak and helpless.  I noticed the same with Sam Mathis in Broken Arrow and with other films.  Thus, the challenge was on. 


After a decade as a suburban soccer mom with an erased memory, an assassin is awakened to save the life of the President’s daughter… and to teach her own daughter to kill.

Industry Reaction

Julie 2.0 has received consistent top kudos, including:

  • Selected in the Top Ten Screenplays (out of over 400 entries) in the 2011 Cinequest Film Festival
  • Official Selection in the 2010 Beverly Hills Film Festival
  • Second Place Winner in the 2009 OBS Screenplay Competition

The First 15 Pages

Julie 2.0 (First 15 Pages)


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