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Eastern Union

Comedy in the Apatow Tradition

While my action thriller writing has garnered significant attention over the past few years, I have also done some comedy writing of note. Eastern Union is a script that has received significant attention during 2010.


The owner of a failing hotel unwittingly becomes host to a trio of Russian women illegally smuggled into the country. He has to protect them from the Russian Mafia, Homeland Security, and his imbecilic staff of employees.

Industry Reaction

We received the following from a production company that read this script:

Dear Dwayne,

We reach out to you today to tell you that we absolutely loved your script. It is bright, funny and lovely. It far exceeded my expectation from the synopsis. We love how you painted all the detail so clever.

“Eastern Union” is one of my most favorites out of hundred of submitted scripts. And I want you to know that.

We are seriously considering your script. The only outstanding factor is that the cost associated with making this story into reality will be way above our intended budget.

We are still exploring the possibility for “Eastern Union” and we will let you know soon our next step.

All the best.

Cary Woodworth
Executive Producer

While we wait to hear the result of their search for funding, we anticipate this script will soon be receiving at least as much attention as our action thriller, Julie 2.0… if not more.

The First 15 Pages

Eastern Union (First 15 Pages)


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